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Our products EAT ITALIANO!

  • Baking tray pizza


    Ideal for Bars and Pubs. Our pizzas are stretched by hand, so the structure of the paste remains intact and the edges are "craft" and "irregular" as in true Italian pizza. What are the…

  • Dough balls – Pizza


    Our dough balls come in a range of sizes and can be used to make thin crust or deep pan pizzas, as well as various other dough-based products.

  • Pizza bases whit tomato


    Precooked pizza base with tomato, the 'dough has 24 hours of sourdough, is cooked in a wood oven with a stone base. The solution for bars and restaurants that do not want to give up a quality product.

  • Focaccia alla Romana – Italian Speciality Bread


    Focaccia Romana is created from a simple dough, which produces an extremely light, open structured bread. During its production Focaccia Romana undergoes many stages of hand-crafting, as the dough is too…

  • Pizza bases Pala


    Precooked pizza base to 60x27 cm blade., is hand-stretched and pre-cooked on stone in a wood oven. After a first firing is packaged and frozen.

  • Round pizza bases


    24 hour rise pizza dough. Delicate, crisp and light, just like a traditional, Italian pizza should be. Supplied part-baked, frozen.

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